**BLACK FRIDAY** 24 Hours Only!

**BLACK FRIDAY** 24 Hours Only!

EASILY create all your social media branding – in minutes!
Using Only Powerpoint or Keynote!

EASILY create all your social media branding – in minutes!
Using Only Powerpoint or Keynote!

Get 40 Professionally Designed Templates!


Standard Price £97 Black Friday Price £37

Your Social media channels are the best way to reach people that want and need your services so you want your social media pages to have the right visual elements to make you and your business stand out from the crowd.

Having professional social media images are the first thing people see when visiting your profiles so it’s important that they looks good and match your brand to give a professional look and feel to your business!

But the problem is most people’s social media channels are a mess and do not match their brand, but if you want to build yourself up as the expert in your field you need to design your social media channels so they look good, match your brand and give your visitors a call to action.

Until now you have had only two choices:

Option #1 – Pay a designer to create your social media channel images for you. The problem with this is that you need to find someone good, then you need to spend time trying to explain what you want and finally you have to pay for them to create each one. Also if your brand or business changes you then have to pay again to get all of them updated.

Option #2 – Try and create your own social channel image’s using online software. There are some great online tool for creating social media images but they can be complicated and they rarely have templates aimed at the fitness, health and wellness industry, so you end up spending hours trying to design your images using a template that is very generic and normally end up with a boring run of the mill image.

But what if there was a better way!?

I have created a series of templates that can easily be edited in minutes using either PowerPoint or Keynote.

Plus these templates have been created specifically for fitness, health and wellness professionals so they fit your business from the start. This makes it so much easier to create a social media image that match your brand and helps to generate clients.

The Ultimate Social Graphics Pack

This is something I have been working on for a while now and I think it will make a real difference to allot of fitness, health and wellness businesses. I got the idea after speaking to a number of clients that where finding it very time consuming and expensive to get a professional social media image’s created.

They had all spent hours going back and forth with a designer and in most cases not ending up with what they really wanted. Plus they had spent anywhere from £60 – £250, not to mention the cost of their time.

And one thing they all said to me was “They wished there was an easy way to create their own social media images without having to spend hours trying to master something like photoshop”

So I got to work and tested all the most common design and word processing software that are already built into most computers and there was a clear winner! POWERPOINT & KEYNOTE. They are both amazing tools with lots of design flexibility that most people never see.

And the really great news is that most people who have a computer already have either Powerpoint or Keynote already installed on their computers.

You just need to follow three simple steps






Standard Price £97 Black Friday Price £37

Here is what you get

10 x Professional Designed Facebook Cover Photo Templates

10 x Professional Designed Twitter Header Templates

10 x Professional Designed Google Plus Header Templates

10 x Professional Designed Youtube Channel Header Templates

Full Video Training on how to edit and export your designs

There is nothing worse than when you buy templates and then get no guidance on what to do next, well don;t worry! Within our members area you will get access to all the templates and bonuses and there will be step-by-step videos walking you through editing, exporting and uploading your designs.

10 matching Facebook Post Image templates

As a special bonus for the Action Takers I have also included 10 professionally designed facebook post image templates that match the look and feel of the cover images. This means you can keep your branding consistent and take your business page to the next level!.

Access to over 100 high quality stock images

Another special bonus for the action takers is access to over 100 professional stock images that you are free to use on all your cover images, post images and any other marketing. It can be really hard to find good quality images that you are actually allowed to use commercially so we have spend weeks putting this collection together to make it easy for you and to save you time.


Standard Price £97 Black Friday Price £37

The templates are great and the training to go with them is really easy to follow, which means I was able to create my new Facebook Cover in no time at all!

Jason Coultman

Strength Coach

Take a look at ALL the templates you will get INSTANT ACCESS to:






10 Facebook Post Image Templates


Access To Over 100 Professional Images


Standard Price £97 Black Friday Price £37

Still have questions?
Take a look at our FAQ’s

Ive tried creating my own social media images before and been really disappointed with the end result, are your templates going to be better?

Good Questions.

Firstly, most online tools that allow you to create social media images can be difficult to use and the templates are generic to start with and rarely suitable to fitness, health and wellness professionals so you tend to do the basics and then give up and get left with a design that is underwhelming and not what you wanted.

Our templates have been designed specifically for the fitness, health and wellness industry and they are super simple to edit.

I'm a total technophobe, will this training be right for me?


We understand that not everyone is tech savvy so we have made sure our templates are super simple to use and both Powerpoint and Keynote a very easy to navigate, plus our training walks you through from downloading the template right up to uploading your finished design to your social accounts.

I have ZERO design skill, will I still be able to create a professional looking social media images?

YES! We have taken care of all the key design aspects already, the only thing you need to do is change some text and maybe some colours to match your brand and thats it. Or you have the options to completely change every aspect of the design, its totally up to you!

How will I get access to my templates and training?

Its really simple. Once you have click on the payment button you will be taken to a payment page, once you have completed the purchase you will be directed to our members site to create your login info (just your name and password of your choice), you then get redirected directly into the members area where your templates and training will be located.